A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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 Census template

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PostSubject: Census template   Wed Jan 13, 2016 1:14 pm

Census template

You must AT LEAST use the basics in this template to make a biography.

How did they end up in a group home?:
At what age did they enter the group home?:
Relationship status:

* Name: Please put your character's full name here. This exists of first name and last name, and if you would like, a middle name as well.
* Nickname: What do others call your character, or what can they call them? These nicknames can be funny, sweet, annoying, you name it.
* Gender: Is your character male or female?
* Age: What age is your character? Students must be 14 to 18. They can be at least 13 if skipped a class or 19 if had to redo classes.
* SO: sexual orientation; does your character like the same gender (homosexual/lesbian) or maybe both (bisexual), or just the opposite gender (heterosexual/straight)? Look at 'Character (appearance) rules for more information on this subject.
*How did they end up in a group home?: How did your character end up in a group home? Did they lose their parents? Did their parents abandon them? Tell us here in a simple short manner. If you would like to tell more about the reasons; you can add those in your character's history.
At what age did they enter the group home?: Add here their age upon arriving at the group home. If they haven't arrived yet, add here that they arrived recently or still will arrive.
* Appearance: What does your character look like? Are they long, thin, short or well-muscled? What does their hair look like and what color have their eyes? Please be descriptive.
* Personality: What's your character like? How do they act and how are they deep inside? Please be descriptive.
* History: What happened in their past? Was there a way they got into this school? Had they a normal childhood or did things happen? We would love you to be descriptive.
* Relationship status: Is your character single or taken? Who is it? (Starting off in the roleplay it can be a NPC, OR an actual roleplay character from someone else IF discussed with and accepted by the admin (Headmaster/me).
* Family: Who's your character's family? What are their parents called and do they have any siblings?
Job: Does your character have a job? If so, where do they work and what do they most likely do?
* Pets: Does your character have any pets? What species are they and what are their names? (Note that people living in a group home aren't allowed to have pets like dogs and cats and loud birds, but the house's rules are there to be broken c; ).
* Reference: A picture of your character. For example an anime or manga picture could work.
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Census template
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