A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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 Bedroom 3 (Siyounen)

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PostSubject: Bedroom 3 (Siyounen)   Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:51 pm

Three beds in each room. It also has a closet for clothes, and a small bathroom with shower and toilet attached to it.
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PostSubject: Re: Bedroom 3 (Siyounen)   Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:56 pm

Siyounen was already up; he had been up for quite some time now. He remembered waking up around 4am or something but it didn't bother him as much as it would bother other people. So he had gotten up around that time, dressed himself and brushed his teeth, and after that he had been standing in front of the window waiting for the sun to rise. Because as the sun rose, the birds started to sing, and Siyounen loved those sounds. He had an obsession with birds, and wished he could spend his time with birds all day long. His room was filled with dead, creepy looking birds, all stuffed and mounted; taxidermy. Siyounen loved to do that. He often brought home dead birds or other small, dead animals and decided to put them in his room for show. He was quite good at it; the boy had skill in what he did. But it was creepy nonetheless, at least, to others around him. He loved it, others found it disgusting and disturbing. He found comfort in it, knowing there would always be ''animal friends'' in his room watching over him.
As the sun started to rise around 6am, the birds began to sing, and Siyounen's face was filled with joy. He stood there with bright sparkling eyes full of happiness, staring at the morning lights taking over the sky. And with the first birds singing, he grew excited.
‘’Birds!’’, he said happily, jumping up and down now and then as he clapped in his hands. Siyounen had schizophrenia, so he suffered from alogia; a mental illness that caused him lack of speech and often made him use only one-word sentences. And he often acted like a child, even though he was already eighteen years old and considered an adult. But he acted far from that. The poor boy just couldn't seem to grow up mentally, how hard he even tried. These were a few reasons why his parents had abandoned him when he was only five years old. He had been mentally challenged from the moment he was born, but as soon as he turned four years old his parents started to notice the difference between him and other kids his age, and they had no idea what to do with him. And the medicines were a pain, too; so expensive.

His medicines. Siyounen just now realized he had to take them. Hopping over to his nightstand he searched in a small drawer for his pills and grabbed two; two every morning, two other ones from another bottle every evening. He ran over to the small bathroom and grabbed a glass, putting water in it and swallowing the pills. Hearing another call from a bird outside his window he grew excited and turned his head to look, but in the process dropped the glass to the ground. Shards of glass shattered everywhere and a little piece hit his cheek, making a small cut. Another piece made a small cut in the palm of his hand, but other than that he was fine. However, mentally he wasn't.
At first he stared down at the ground in shock, but soon after tears started to well up in his eyes; he cried, and he started to panic.
‘’Ouch...’’, he mumbled at feeling the soft stinging pains in his cheek and hand. But when he noticed the glass on the ground again, the pain turned into guilt. ‘’Oh no...’’, he whispered, feeling bad about himself. He was a bad kid, a very bad kid. That was what he told himself. ‘’I made a mess... Mad... They be mad...’’
As fast as he could he bend down and sat on his knees, quickly grabbing the pieces of shattered glass from the ground and putting them in his hand. The tears flooded down his freckled cheeks now and made his view blurry, making him feel even more stressed and terrible.
‘’I'm bad... I'm bad...’’, he told himself as he cleaned the ground and put the glass in the small bin behind him. After that he sat down below the sink and wrapped his arms around his legs, pulling his knees up to his chin. And he sat there in silence, crying as he told himself in his mind over and over again how bad of a kid he was.

‘’Other's speech’’

Addressed: ◯ \\ Mentioned: The parents, the birds outside \\ Word Count: 724 \\ Notes: SIYOUNEN IS SO ADORABLE RIGHT NOW, GAAAH <333
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Bedroom 3 (Siyounen)
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