A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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 Yen information and special 'giveaways'

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PostSubject: Yen information and special 'giveaways'   Thu Jan 14, 2016 11:20 am

With every post you make or topic you create you earn Yen, shown in your profile and on the left side of your posts, underneath your avatar. These Yen can be spend in the site’s shop on items for your characters, character changes and second or third characters, as well as school related things like redoing tests or projects. Another thing you can buy is one week to one month of chat box moderation.

Yen can also be earned in other ways, only than posting and creating topics. You can earn Yen with being chosen as Student of the Month or Member of the Month, or you can win Yen in contests.
Creating topics gives you 3 Yen, while posting in already existing topics gives you 1 Yen. Posting in the roleplay each time earns you more Yen; 5 Yen for each roleplay post. When making a minor roleplay yourself, posting in it earns you 0 Yen, sadly, while creating a topic yourself earns you 2 Yen. This because a minor roleplay might be fun but it doesn't belong to the main and actual roleplay. It's just there for fun.
When becoming Student of the Month (also known as character of the month) you earn 70 Yen, same goes for becoming Member of the Month. When winning a contest third place gives you 15 Yen, second place 25 Yen and first place 50 Yen.

You can also earn Yen due special ‘giveaways’; once in a while the admin/Headmaster spends his Yen on the members who have been online in the last 24 hours or who have been great and active members over the last few days/weeks/months/etc.
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Yen information and special 'giveaways'
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