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A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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“If the w-w-world wanted m-me in it...It wouldn't h-h-hurt so b-bad to l-live here...”


Name: Purokisha Mentaru Byouki

Nickname: Puro

Age: 5 years

Gender: Male

How did he end up in a group home?: His cousin finally gave him up, saying the boy was to much trouble to care for and took up way too much money as well.

SO: Puro is really to little and young to understand what exactly sexual orientation is. While he does have a little knowledge of what goes on inside the bedroom at night thanks to his older cousin he isn't sure on most of it. For now he just knows he doesn't really mind both genders.

At what age did they enter the group home?: He has been here for around 6 months now.


Appearance: Puro has dark golden coated orbs, sometimes appearing a bit lighter or even a bit darker depending on the lighting that is in the room. He has the tiny little build about him, a bit thinner and shorter when compared to others his age. His hair is a dark brown color, almost evenly coated all the way across and comes down to his shoulders. He still has the baby soft look and feel to it all though, making it a bit odd yet he does look younger then he actually is.
As for his clothing he is mostly seen in a faded green colored hoodie, one that is a bit to big for him since the sleeves fall over and cover up his hands up. The top reveals part of his left or right shoulder at times since he doesn't like to wear any shirt undernethe. The bottom of the hoodie drops below his pants line as well, stopping about halfway down his upper leg.
His pants are are a dark bown or blue color, both of which are a soft blue jean type miteral. These are a bit to big for the small boy as well, almost always dragging along the floor as he walks and covering up his tiny feet. His pants do have a few belt loops but because of how old both pairs are most are broken from where the boy tugs on them all the time.
Underneth his normal and everyday clothing he wears no shirt, t-shirt or other wise since his cousin didn't care what the boy wore or that he even had clothes. He does have a small simple pair of black boxers, a bit to big for him as well like all his other clothes he wears.
Finally on his feet he has a set of pull on baby shoes, no strings or straps but just simple pull on ones. He usually takes these off, even in the stores or on the streets, hating to wear shoes abd mostly just wanting the walk around barefoot.

Personality: Quiet and Shy: Puro is very withdrawn from others, never really going out of his way to speak to others. Even when spoken to he will hardly, if ever, answer the person speaking. Because of this he is picked on and bullied a lot, especially by children older then him. Usually he will pull himself away from where others are and into a corner, sitting silently by himself as he watches his surroundings and what is going on around him. During this time he will makes weird, faint sounds to entertain himself, never really knowing he is doing it until told by someone else. Because of this he knows of things he shouldn't and is over looked a lot by others.
Skittish and Terrified: Puro has seen way too much that a small boy his age shouldn't during his short time on earth. Adding this to his already bad fears and mental illnesses that he was born with he is almost always on the move and scared of something. When actually forced to speak or pulled out into a uncomfortable position he has breakdowns in which he gets the shakes and stutters uncontrollably.

Past: WIP

Likes: Puzzles, Soft music, Sitting outside at night, Being left alone, Hiding in a corner, Cooking, Making things, Naping, Anime, and warm baths.

Dislikes: Speaking, Being crowd around, Being reminded of his old family, Told about his shaking, and screaming or yelling at him or others in his presents.

Habits: Doing crafts or creating things, Twitching softly, Mumbling words to himself, watching others from a corner of the room, walking around outside in teh rain at night, and staring blankly at people talking to him.

Fears: Autophobia: Since almost everyone Purokisha has come into contact with has abandoned him or just ignored him, he as a fear of people getting close to him. It can be physicaly or emotionaly since he has had both done to him. When someone tries to get very close to him trying to touch to fast without him seeing he will fly into a panic. Usually after a while he will calm himself down if left alone long enough. If he does manage to let someone start coming in he can be slowly calmed by that person as well.


Parents: Father (Decesed), Mother (Decesed).

Siblings: (Decesed).

Cousin: Hotaru.

Crush: Too young.

Relationship: Too young.

Friends: None yet.

Enemies: None yet.


Mental Problems: Turrets: Purokisha was born with a very bad shaking problem that is rarely found in humans or kids his age. Due to this he is almost always shaking or twitching different parts of his body parts. Sometimes if he is scared or stressed out enough it can result in his entire body shaking violently even though he will insist he is perfectly fine.
Speech: Purokisha has always had a very hard time speaking due to his shaking and usually messes up his words while talking. Since he was yelled at by his parents as well as made fun of by his siblings and cousin he hardly ever speaks even when spoken to. Usually a nod or shake of his head is all that can be gotten out of him.

Belongings: A small wolf plushie, 3 small puzzle boxes, a drawing pad, a shoulder bag with a single change of clothes, and a pill case for his medicine

Scent: Fresh warm grass.

Job: Too Young.

References: Purokisha Mentaru Byouki B6rbc8
Purokisha Mentaru Byouki 9fu0qr
Purokisha Mentaru Byouki J7vlom

Theme song:

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PostSubject: Re: Purokisha Mentaru Byouki   Purokisha Mentaru Byouki EmptyThu Jan 14, 2016 12:14 am

Accepted, roleplay is not open yet but it will open soon. Stay tuned. c;
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