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A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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Takeru Hasu


July 14, mid summer
16 years, 5 months

His parents were rather young when he got born. His father was abusive and often drunk and his mother died when Shun was still a small child.

He was 11 years old when he entered the group home for the first time.


Shun is very tall for his age; he even stands above the group home parents. But even though Shun's tall, he doesn't appear clumsy or gawky; he has a few muscles and is rather strong, but he doesn't appear very broad in body build. He's rather thin. Shun has heterochromea; his eyes are an amber color, but his right eye is a lot lighter in color, appearing more honey golden. He has long black hair in a ponytail, ending around the upper side of his back. He has a healthy skin color, he doesn't look weak or sick, and his eyes are bright, not dull, even though he's been through so much. He's often seen wearing t-shirts and jackets, blue jeans and black shoes, sometimes even very Japanese traditional clothing, like kimonos. His clothes are always neat, washed and cleaned up, never a single hole to be found in them. Sometimes Shun wears black glasses which are very big, but he's more often seen without them, wearing contacts.


Shun is sometimes a bit hard to read, as his personality and interests might shift now and then. Though, one thing everyone should know is that he will always care for others, the weaker and the sick, and those who need support.

Shun isn't much of a talker and hates crowded places, this when he's around strangers and doesn't exactly have the feeling he belongs with those people. He will only talk when someone asks him something and he's often sitting on his own, a few feet away from the group. He's shy and never really knows what to say, but everyone knows that he never means any harm or that he doesn't mean his quietness the wrong way. Though, when it comes to friends he's a complete different person. If his friends are hurt or in danger, they can count on him. Shun will not hesitate to fight for his friends if needed, even though he hates violence. He's protective and caring, hugging and cuddling his friends when they feel sad and need some attention. Around his friends he still might be a bit quiet at times, but he's way more outgoing than when he's spending time with strangers.
Shun isn't an attention seeker at all around anyone, caring for others while always keeping his own problems to himself. He has severe depression but no one knows; he often thinks about suicide and often harms himself, cutting himself; he's a silent sufferer and often pretends to be doing great while he clearly doesn't feel great at all. The reason why he's horribly depressed is because of his abusive father and his sick mother; he took the first chance to get out of his house, by choosing a dorm room at this school, but by this he left his sick mother with his terrible father, and he feels very guilty for that. However, even though Shun harms himself and is often depressed, quiet and lonely, he's truly kind to his friends, but only when he has the guts to show them his true self, because Shun is very insecure about himself.
Shun cares for all younger people in his family, even the ones older than him. He will be there for them and use his own made money to care for them. All his savings are mostly for the others. Shun could be called the father in the house; as said before he cares for everyone, and he's a better father than his own. He's one that will protect his family and take the beating meant for others, as he's used to physical pain. When his mother got attacked by his father, he jumped in between and protected her. He feels like he's the responsible one to take care of his family dearest to him, and that's why he acts like everyone's father, even sometimes around his friends when they need it.
He's a very emotional boy and always wants to do the right things, feeling horrible and harming himself when that goes wrong. As long as they're happy and healthy Shun is happy, too. A very sweet and caring boy, often serious but he truly has a good aura, a pure soul, a heart of gold and a warm caring touch. But, he's afraid he will become like his father one day; beating his children or become so depressed that he ends up killing himself. That's also why he's like a father to the others in his family; he's afraid that one day he might lose it and become like his own father, and hurt his own children; his goal is to become a better father than his own.
Shun will take care of his love and his friends and protect them with his life. The one person he can truly be himself with is mostly his lover; actually the only person he trusts with his secrets, talking more and more often and making him laugh. Shun is happy when his love his happy, when his love isn't he will always try his best and do everything to cheer them up, sometimes even joking around and making a complete fool of himself. He will never do anything his love doesn't want to do; he would never want to hurt them in his life, not in any way ever, even though deep inside he's afraid he will hurt them after all due his fear of his father; that's why he always tries his best to do things right. Does he do something wrong by accident, he will panic and cry, apologizing like crazy before locking himself into his room for hours or even days, skipping classes and after school's activities. But this only happens when he has really fucked up big time and sees no way for him to be able to ever get their friendship or love back.
He will never want to break up with his love; he doesn't want to hurt them or break their heart, make them feel bad. It's always his love that ends the relationship. And when his love ends it, Shun will cry for hours nonstop and feel horrible; he will act like a girl, a broken person, till his broken heart has healed. He's a big teddy bear who loves to hug and make his love feel great, only caring about them and never himself. But he's also afraid that he will hurt them, and he's really insecure.


On the 14th of July The Mistake was born. But Takeru wasn't the only mistake; his parents were the biggest mistakes that lived before him.
His mother Kaya was a rude and big mouthed sixteen years old girl, one that always went shopping with her friends and stole money from her father to do so. She was a carefree person and this always got her in trouble. Whenever her father grounded her she would climb through her window and sneak off. She always came home too late and with the wrong boys and smoked a lot. She was one to skip classes and sometimes never end up at school at all. She was a troublesome girl, never listening to her father and always doing the things she wanted to do. A girl that loved life and wanted to stay young forever.
One night she was grounded again but like always she sneaked off, going to the city with a friend who was much like her. At a cafe Kaya met a twenty two years old man called Esan, who took care of the bar and served the drinks; a very flirtatious man.
Kaya ended up flirting with Esan, causing her friend to feel ignored and go home without her, but Kaya could care less. That same night she ended up having some fun with Esan in the men's toilet, and after that she went home with him and stayed there for the night.
Arriving back home Kaya didn't tell her father about her night with Esan, but soon enough they discovered she was pregnant with his child; children, to be more exact.
Esan stayed with her and took care of her and soon at the age of seventeen, Kaya gave birth to an identical twin; a girl and a boy. Esan wanted a girl and was glad, but didn't care about his son.
Shanya, Takeru's sister, died soon after birth because of a flue, and because Kaya hadn't taken care of her body or eaten healthy during her pregnancy, keeping on with smoking and drinking alcohol now and then.
Even though Takeru was the smallest and weakest of the two, the runt, he managed to survive. Esan hated the fact that his daughter had died and that he now had a son he didn't want, and Kaya ended up in a deep depression after birth, caring for Takeru but not feeling any motherly affections towards him.
A few days after birth Kaya wanted to share a house with Esan, feeling like he was the one for her. Her father refused and they argued, after which Kaya took her belongings, clothes and child with her and left her father's house, never speaking to her father again.
She and Esan started to live together in Esan's small house and Esan found a new job so he could care for Kaya and Takeru. But the loss of his daughter, the sudden moving of Kaya into his house and Takeru's cries at night changed him; Esan stayed away from home more and more often and even ended up cheating on Kaya with different girls, and Kaya knew about this but didn't say a thing. And this only happened in one week time, too quick for the new young couple, way too quick.
When Takeru was two weeks old his father was once again at work and partying with other women. That's when Kaya's depression made her snap. She took Takeru to the bathroom and filled the bathtub, after which she tried to drown the little boy. But his muffled cries under water made her pull him back up and she looked at him. She began to cry, holding her child close to her; she didn't love him, but she still couldn't kill her own son. He didn't deserve it.
Feeling like a terrible mother Kaya dressed her son in warm dry clothes and brought him to bed. After that she went to the bathroom and slit her wrists with scissors, dying in the bathtub of blood loss.
That same night Esan came home and found Kaya dead. He felt so guilty for his actions and so sick with grief that he began to blame his son for Kaya's dead, instead of blaming himself. Esan went into a true rage.
Whenever Takeru cried Esan beat him till the baby was silent. He took care of the boy but never showed him any affection. He even started to drink a lot and went to party almost every night, leaving poor little Takeru alone in the dark house, crying for food or attention. His diapers got changed once a week, he got food once three days; Takeru grew thin and even more weak, but still he managed to survive.
When he reached the age in which he was able to walk and talk, his father started to avoid him and ignore him more often. Takeru was forced to take care of himself at a very young age, already learning how to cook for himself at the age of five.
Every day his father would drink and ask Takeru to get him more, and if Takeru would refuse Esan would beat the shit out of him. Takeru was beaten, abused and used as slave by his father to do the dirty jobs. He was even touched inappropriately on some occasions, when his father was in a terribly drunk mood.
Takeru was too scared to call for help, afraid his father would kill him if he did, so he always did what his father wanted him to do, never questioning him.
Takeru grew up being hit and yelled at, growing lonely and depressed already at the age of three. He didn’t have any friends at school and was always left out by everyone, and at school it wasn’t much different than at home, because he got bullied and often yelled at, too. sometimes a group of boys even came his way to beat him up, kick at him, and Takeru always went home crying, but his father never cared about him and called him a little wimp and a girl. And he hurt poor little Takeru even more.
However, one day at kindergarten Takeru was sitting all alone on the swings at the playground crying because his father had kicked him that morning and because some boys had pushed him around just before school started, and all of a sudden this boy came up to him. He asked if he could push Takeru and Takeru said he could. He and the boy, Hikaru, became best friends after that day, and they would always play together during school and after. Hikaru taught the shy Takeru to be more open towards others, and the boy soon made new friends. Hikaru was always there for him, and made him forget about his shitty situation at home, where his father would abuse him, and where his mother would not be there to care for him or protect him.
Sadly, their friendship didn’t last forever; when they were eleven years old and ready to go to middle school together, Hikaru and his family moved away and Hikaru went to a different middle school. Takeru ended up all alone again, and after losing Hikaru as a friend he turned shy and lonely again, pushing himself away from others at school. He went to after school clubs but never really spoke to others. At home his father kept on bugging and abusing him, and mentally hurting him, as well.
It was at the age of eleven that Takeru started to fight back. He would sometimes refuse to do something and end up getting beaten, but he punched back. He was sick of the abuse and wanted nothing more than to get out of the house, away from his father.
But as soon as Takeru fought back the punishments got harsher. Longer nights of terrible pain and more fists in his face.
One day Takeru came home from school, but on his way home he had bought a knife from the money he had stolen from his father. Coming home his father slammed him against the wall for being late and Takeru used the knife, he sliced Esan's hand with it and ran towards the kitchen to find anything better to hurt his father with. Esan however came after him, more pissed than ever, and had him cornered. Before Takeru could do anything Esan grabbed a chair and started beating him with it, till he bled. Takeru laid there on the ground, crying. He had never dared to call for help before and always suffered silently, but this time Takeru yelled and screamed for help, he cried out loud and let his tears flow.
The next day police stood at the door; there had been a worried call from a neighbor about violence at the house next to him. And when the police saw Takeru's wounds and bruises, they knew for sure they were at the right house.
Esan was arrested for abuse and brought to jail, while Takeru was taken out of the house and brought to a foster home, two parents with a few more adopted children already.
Life wasn't great there and many children complained in secret about the strict rules, but Takeru didn't really care; he was glad to be away from his father. All he wanted now was to do the right things, he wanted to take care of the smaller children. But he would always be insecure about himself and blame himself for his mother's and sister's death and his father's abuse even though he had nothing to blame himself about.
After arriving at this new house he went to a psychologist to take care of his mental wounds; the abuse that bothered him and made him feel depressed. After five years of mental treatment he has learned to forget, and now he can finally truly focus himself on growing up and helping the smaller and younger ones, as well as the older ones when needed.


Parents: Esan (his abusive and drunken father) Kaya (mother, had a secret affair with Jeamesero’s father, deceased)
Siblings: Shanya (identical twin sister, told she's dead) and Mustafa and Jeamesero (younger half brothers, but he barely has any contact with them)
Cousin: Daigo

Other info

Likes: Drawing, writing, listening to music (especially music artists Feint, Ludovico Einaudi and Roberto Cacciapaglia), being in his room, sleeping, relaxing, cooking, caring for others, helping others with their problems and their homework, animals, his siblings and friends.
Dislikes: Violence, beating, abuse, drugs, alcohol, smoking, murder, seeing others in pain or danger, talking about his own problems, bullies, animal abuse, death, small spaces, crowded places, elevators, being locked up.
Hobbies Write, draw, paint, roleplay on forums.
Habits: Sketching on pieces of paper or in his notebooks during class or when sitting in front of the TV watching a movie.

Belongings: A mobile phone, stuff for school, a laptop for school and drawing, together with a Bamboo tablet pen, a mp3-player, an acoustic guitar and a small violin. All these things are paid by him, using the money from his job. But he also buys a lot of stuff for the younger children.
Job: He works as a waiter at the small town’s restaurant, close near the school. The ‘Rat and Parrot’ one.
Pets: He has a small painted turtle called Mr. Wigglesworth, his half brother Jeamesero named the pet during a short call session with Shun.

Extra: Shun is afraid to show his sexuality, this is why he prefers girls. He doesn’t like to show it because his father told him it was wrong to love another boy, and it was often hit into him.
He also has a lot on his plate considering his health and more. The boy has an allergy to chocolate, a bad heart just like his mother, and diabetes. He has severe depression but no one knows, and his biggest fear/phobia is his claustrophobia, explained in his dislikes. Another thing to remember is that Shun's a vegetarian.

Heard of

Aderyn, Siyounen, Haya, Daigo, Hikaru

Good terms
Bad terms

Nitika, Purokisha

Fuyu, Raion, Hokori


Single (Haya broke up with him)


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Accepted! RP opens up soon.
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