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A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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Character sheet
Name: Yuki Reed
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PostSubject: Yuki Jason Reed   Yuki Jason Reed EmptyThu Jan 14, 2016 3:15 pm

Name: Yukiteru Jason Reed
Nickname: Yuki, Yu
Birthday: January 1, mid winter
Gender: Male
Age: 14 years old
SO: Homosexual
How did they end up in a group home?: Mother died after fatal car crash when he was only five years old and his father threw him out of the house after months of beating because Yuki told him the truth about his sexuality, and his father disliked homosexuals.
At what age did they enter the group home?: He has yet to arrive

Outside and inside
Appearance: Yukiteru is rather small for his age, and looks rather young as well; he has this cute/adorable look to his face. He’s fourteen years old but can easily be mistaken for a 12-years old child. He has short black hair which is rather thick, almost appearing like a fluffy cloud around his head. In a dark room his hair can appear as black as a star- and moonless night, while it can appear rather dark greyish while standing in the bright sunlight. His eyes are a bright blue and often seem to sparkle when he feels happy, but can easily turn into a dullish blue-grey when feeling sad or shy. He often wears long-sleeved shirts, mostly brown or a dark red/bordeaux color. He also sometimes wears a black jacket with short sleeves, letting the long sleeves of his shirt appear underneath it. He’s always seen in black or blue jeans and often wears white dark red or black colored sport shoes. Sometimes his jeans appear rather shaggy and have holes in them, other times he looks neatly and nice.

Personality: At first when you meet him Yuki can appear rather careless and silent, always in thought or daydreaming. He will only think, and only speak when he needs to, like when someone asks him something. He’s a very emotional boy and rather scared of how others will think of him, so that’s why he keeps himself hidden in the shadows, and he won’t come to you unless you’ve come to him first. When he speaks his words are rather blunt, often speaking with not more than one to three words, and barely a full sentence. He’s shy and careful and likes to think things through first before acting. Don’t think of him as too careful though, because he will tell you about his sexuality straight away; it’s his defensive mode, because this way he’s able to see your reaction. If your reaction is bad, he will have no liking towards you, and will probably ignore you just to make sure he won’t get mentally hurt again.
However, when you get to meet him a bit better, you will get to see Yukiteru is rather smart and sensitive, sweet and caring; he loves to play games and to act, and he will always help you when you need him. He will still be shy and hide in the shadows, but he will sometimes smile weakly at you and actually greet you or ask how you’re doing, even if you’re not the one addressing him first. He will be a bit more open to you, but still he will prefer to stay on his own, because he’s afraid that if he will trust someone too much, that trust might be crushed.
But finally winning his trust, you will have a friend for a lifetime. Yukiteru will care for you and help you, even when that help isn’t really needed. He will make jokes and laugh, and try to make you feel better when you’re sad or feeling down. And he will love to play even more games with you. Win his trust and he will become an open book to you, to you and you only, unless there are more people who have won his trust just like you did. He will laugh and sometimes even giggle like a little school girl, and act like way younger his age. He’s fourteen, but sometimes he might act like a ten-years-old or twelve-years-old, making fun like he should actually do. He’s also obsessed with cats; give him a cat or show you like cats too and he will be all over you and fangirl with you about cats, together. He’s often seen hugging, cuddling and kissing cats, and often feeds stray cats and their young when walking across the street. A real sweetheart with a heart of gold, but afraid and insecure.

History: Yukiteru was born on the 1st of January, right after the beginning of the New Year. He was born during a cold stormy winter night, the water frozen so the taps couldn’t be used. His father had wanted a girl but his mother was happy to have him either way. But because his father preferred a girl he was named Yukiteru, for short Yuki, which was a unisex name meaning snow. Because he preferred a girl, and because Yuki was born during a terrible snowstorm. Yuki wasn’t considered very normal, being born into a cult who worshipped God and saw the government and others without the same faith as enemies and betrayers.
Yukiteru was raised in this cult and taught that God was life and everything they had wished for. If he would worship God, he would find eternal happiness. However, Yukiteru didn’t feel like he belonged there, he didn’t feel like he belonged anywhere. His cult hated ‘difference’ and kidnapped people who were ‘different’ from them, for example homosexuals and people with a different faith, and sometimes even sacrificed them to their god.
And outside the cult, going to school and everything else, Yukiteru didn’t feel at home with the ‘normal’ people, either; they knew he came from a cult, and so they treated him and laughed at him, bullied him and beat him. Yukiteru didn’t belong anywhere, he felt like a useless rat trapped in an endless maze full of troubles and pains.
When he was five years old, only a week after the birth of his younger brother Jesse, his mother died in a car crash, after she had left a party at a friend’s house and had gone home, driving drunk. That was the day his father turned even more cold towards him. He and his father never really had shared a bond and now that his wife was dead and his father turned depressed, it only seemed to become worse for him. Jesse was the second born son and even though he was a boy as well, their father loved him more than he loved Yukiteru, which was rather strange. But Yukiteru had learned to accept it, because he knew that he had been different from everyone else from the start; he guessed his father could feel he was different, as well.
The moment Yukiteru found out he was different was when he went to a school’s party when he was thirteen. He had never had any friends and was hated by everyone, but he still wanted to go because he didn’t want to miss out on important things, whatever those would be. That’s when he met a boy called Brandon, and his life changed forever since; he found out he liked boys, that he loved boys, and didn’t feel a single feeling towards girls. It was a total shock to him because he knew he was ‘different’, and his cult didn’t accept ‘difference’. If he would tell his family, his church, they might end up sacrificing him, hurting him and killing him, like they did with all the other ‘different’ people. So he decided to keep his homosexuality a secret.
After months of keeping his sexuality a secret, he finally snapped under the pressure of his father disliking him and loving his younger brother more. One night he knocked on his father’s door and was let into the man’s room. Yukiteru cried that night, he cried because he was afraid, he cried because he had kept a terrible secret, and he cried because his father didn’t accept him anymore; he was gay, he was different, he had betrayed his own father, family and church by being different; he had betrayed their god. And who betrayed God was a demon and part of the Devil’s army himself.
His father was ashamed, his father was furious, he hated his oldest son and would do anything to make his life miserable; he hit the kid, beat him every day, almost every hour of the day. He would curse at him, call him the Devil’s son and pray to his god to make Yukiteru ‘normal’ again, but praying didn’t work, and it never would. After being beaten and living in fear in his own house for two months, his father decided it was enough; Yukiteru had betrayed him, he had dishonored his own father, and he had to pay. But because his father couldn’t kill him for his betrayal, he forced the kid out of the house, abandoning him. Yukiteru lived in the street for several months until a woman took him in and cared for him; it was Brandon’s mother, the boy he liked.
He found the courage to tell Brandon his feelings for him, but in the end it only made things worse; Brandon started to ignore him and once again his trust in people faded. Brandon’s mother felt the tension between the two boys and decided to take her son’s side, sending Yukiteru to a group home at the age of fourteen, the Tenshi Group Home.

Likes: Hot baths, romantic movies, anime, ice cream, cookies, food in general, hot chocolate milk, acting, writing, drawing, animals (especially cats), cosplaying, Shakespeare, makeup, brushing someone else's hair, shopping cleaning, warm weather, fun fair parks (the Ferris wheel and other ‘careful’ attractions only).

Dislikes: Cold weather, snow, swimming, horror movies, hentai and yaoi stuff, rude people, mean people, cursing, crowded places, small spaces, elevators, being stuck, being locked up, mazes, his father, his younger brother Jesse, attractions like roller coasters and water rides.

Hobbies: Acting, writing (poems/haiku), drawing, cosplaying as a cat/neko, listening to music.

Crush: None yet
Relationship: Single~
Family: Sakura (mother), Jake (father) and Jesse (little brother)
Friends: None

Job: He doesn't have one, too young.
Pets: None, though he would love to have a cat but he's no rule breaker.
Belongings: Stuff for school, a mp3-player, a cat plushy called Mr. Whiskers, a sketchbook with pencils, a cellphone.
- Yukiteru can’t swim and is this way afraid of deep waters. He’s also afraid of fire because he once burned himself when he was young. He doesn’t even like fire from fireplaces.
- Yukiteru sometimes cosplays as a neko, walking through the house with a cat's ears and tail; he's a rather insane being.
- He also completely gave up on his faith, believing there is no god and that you have to make your own decisions. He still accepts other's faiths, though.

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Accepted! RP opens up soon.
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