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A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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Character sheet
Name: Siyounen Azuma
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Siyounen Azuma


Siyounen (pronounced Shōnen) means 'boy' or 'man' in Japanese
Sunny (group home children), Siyou (pronounced Shō)
February 10, late winter
18 years, 10 months

His parents dropped him off because they didn't know how to handle his mental health, and he was abandoned by them.

He has been here since he was 5.


Siyounen has short light brown dyed hair with blond and black around the edges. He has green eyes with brown around the edges of his irises, with little specks of honey golden in the middle of his eyes. He has freckles on his face, going across his cheeks and a few above his nose; they don’t go lower than his mouth. His hair used to be completely black, until he died it.
Siyounen often wears a reddish-brown hoodie with a green hood and cream colored sleeves. He always wears a white t-shirt under his hoodie, never a different color. He also wears white sport shoes and often blue jeans. These clothes are his favorites and he barely wears anything else. He does wash his clothes, but if he's not wearing them he wears his pajama or school uniform instead, until his clothes are completely clean and dry again. Siyounen basically lives in his these clothes, you could say.


Siyounen is sweet and caring and a very shy person. He’s often alone and barely talks, making him quite the outsider. This includes that he has almost no friend ever accompanying him, not during classes or breaks at school, nor when going to the movies or any outside school activities.
Siyounen has schizophrenia and this way he often struggles with hallucinations like voices in his head or strange visions, and anger attacks. Due this disorder he has alogia; a poverty of speech, causing him to respond to someone bluntly and cause long blunt conversations, rather detailed. He also suffers from thought blocking; he can have this amazing idea, but all of a sudden something keeps him from progressing his ideas and realize them.
He has these ‘negative’ periods which can take days, weeks, months or even years, depending on the situation. These ‘negative’ periods include sleeping for hours, having lack of energy, depressions and bad moods; constantly wishing himself dead and inflicting pain upon himself.
Siyounen also has, besides these ‘negative’ periods, ‘positive’ periods, as well. Just like his ‘negative’ periods these periods can take days, weeks, months or even years. These include hyper active behavior, lack of sleep and constantly feeling fully awake (not tired at all), too much energy and due too much going on in the brain a lack of motivation because he tries to solve multiple things at once.
In these periods Siyounen tends to get overloaded with ideas and thoughts till he just breaks down and gets into his ‘negative’ periods again, continuing this loop of ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ periods and his change of behavior. Still, there are these times he’s in none of the two periods, but his complete shy self, often helping out others when they need help and being on his own because he’s too afraid to make friends or start conversations.




Parents: Renn (mother) and Masaru (father)
Siblings: Only child, no siblings.

Other info

Likes: Drawing (birds), exploring the wild, photographing (birds), his taxidermy (of birds) and reading (about birds).
Dislikes: His schizophrenia, his shyness and his alogia and thought blocking make him a great target for bullying. He’s also afraid of clowns and snakes, as he sees snakes as bringers of death and despair (like in old cultures and legends) and clowns are just extremely scary to him.
Hobbies Drawing (birds), exploring the wild, photographing (birds) and his taxidermy (of birds). He has his room filled with dead stuffed creatures standing on bases on top of his shelve and his desk, and a lot of photos hanging on his walls. His book shelf is also filled with books about nature and birds.
Habits: Barely responding to a question or someone addressing him, daydreaming, responding with short sentences.

Belongings: A sketch book, stuff for school, pens, pencils (also colored ones), an eraser and, a bike and an MP3-player (he doesn't have a phone nor a PC).
Job: Doesn't have one.
Pets: Siyounen has a little pomsky dog (mother was a husky, father a Pomeranian) that’s called Champs; it’s his best friend. He got the dog when he was fourteen years old (Champs was abandoned by its mother and found by the boy). Siyounen often talks to Champs and pretends the dog can talk back and that he can understand the boy. The parents of the house let Siyounen keep Champs because the boy kept throwing fits until he got what he wanted (and you don't want Siyounen throwing fits).

Extra: He has an interest in (drawing) angels, because those have wings and can fly just like birds. He often tends to draw himself with wings, because he wishes he could be a bird living in the sky and be free.

Obsession: Siyounen has an obsession with birds. He always wants to observe them and there’s nothing about birds he doesn’t know. he even likes to take home dead birds and stuff and mount their skins (his interest for taxidermy). Give him a living bird as his pet as a present or a dead bird you’ve found on the street and Siyounen will squeal like an exited little child and like you forever. This obsession of his is the only way to get into close contact with him, and meet another Siyounen than the shy boy he often shows.

Heard of

Shun, Purokisha, Aderyn, Haya, Daigo, Hikaru

Good terms
Bad terms

His dog Champs

Fuyu, Raion, Hokori, Daigo




(Ignore the wolf part of the reference and his tail. Only look at his human appearance. He is actually half wolf but for this RP he's meant to be only human. This is the only reference I have of him.)
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PostSubject: Re: Siyounen Azuma   Siyounen Azuma EmptyThu Jan 14, 2016 4:12 pm

Accepted! RP opens up soon.
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