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A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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 Haya Rosa Bell

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Character sheet
Name: Haya Bell
Age: 15
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PostSubject: Haya Rosa Bell   Haya Rosa Bell EmptyThu Jan 14, 2016 3:56 pm

Haya Rosa Bell


Rosa, Rose, Bella
August 20, late summer
15 years, 9 months

She was sexually abused by her stepfather Russ but her mother didn't believe her and even called her a whore for ''seducing'' her new boyfriend, kicking Haya out of the house.

She had just turned 15. She has been here for a few months now.


Haya is a natural beauty; she has long chocolate brown hair, a bit messy but it still hangs beautifully around her head, like the frame around a panting. She often wears flowers in her hair, especially fake red roses, or white ones, depending on her clothing she wears at that time, or a black or dark brown hair fillet. Her eyes are a beautiful dark brown color, with hints of a honey brown through it; her skin is a bit pale yet a healthy color. Haya always wears girly clothes; dresses, skirts, tops and often high heels. She dislikes to wear manly clothing liked hoodies or just plain shirts or jeans; she likes makeup but barely uses it, she only uses it when going to parties or throwing parties herself, messing around with the stuff. But in her daily life she never wears makeup; she's beautiful already, she doesn't need to paint her face. Haya could easily become a photographer's model or just a model, though she uses her natural beauty only for playing with boys' feelings.


Haya is outgoing and loves to party, she always does her best at school to get the best grades because she wants a good possible future for herself. Haya cares about others and loves to help people, but can sometimes be way too hyperactive or outgoing to have these strange ideas; causing her to hurt people's feelings at times, even though she doesn't really mean to. When she's angry she can get very sassy and have a big mouth, actually going against others. She loves to flirt with boys and to kiss and cuddle but she's actually very afraid of a true relationship because she's afraid to get hurt. Haya is terrified of anything sex related and that's why she only flirts and barely starts any real relationships with boys.
Sometimes she can come off as a little bitch and a coldhearted person but that's not her intention. This probably only happens when she's very stressed, frustrated or just angry.


Haya grew up in a loving family with a mother and father and a younger sister called Isabelle. They were a happy family and quite rich, going to theme parks a lot and having a good time together in other countries while on summer vacation. Nothing seemed to go wrong for Haya.
However, when she turned ten years old her father and mother got into a heated argument and after a while they decided to divorce. A trial started to find out who of the parents was allowed to take the kids and their mother won. Haya and her sister went to live with their mother and never saw their father again. Though, when she turned twelve she was told her father had killed herself. When she was fourteen her mother got a new boyfriend called Russ, Haya's and Isabelle's stepfather. He and Isabelle seemed to have a close bond, but Russ and Haya didn't seem to share the same interests at all. Even though Haya tried to become friends with him and see him as some sort of new father to her, things didn't go as planned. He pushed himself away from her at first, only caring for her sister. However, after a few months he started to grow closer to her, but not in a way Haya wanted. He started touching her inappropriately and even raped her, a whole year long.
Eventually at the age of fifteen Haya couldn't take it anymore and begged her mother to leave him, she told her mother everything he had done to her. But her mother had entered a state of depression not long ago, and was deemed mentally ill. She didn't believe her daughter and even called her a whore for ''seducing'' her new boyfriend. Haya was kicked out of the house by her own mother and ended up in Tenshi Group Home.


Parents: Rick (father), Kellie (mother), Russ (stepfather)
Siblings: An 8 years old sister called Isabelle

Other info

Likes: Flirting with boys, teasing, pulling annoying pranks on other people, cuddles, parties, shopping, clothes, shoes, makeup, looking beautiful.
Dislikes: School, homework, bossy people, girls who flirt with 'her' boys, having competition, homosexuality (no offense to people who really are homosexual because I'm bisexual myself but that's just her. And she doesn't really hate it, she's just grossed out by it).
Habits: Flirting with boys, playing innocent, flipping her hair out of her face, gossiping.

Belongings: A mobile phone, MP3-player, text and copy books and pencils for school, a bike, a photo camera.
Job: She doesn't yet but she applied for a job as a waitress at the cafe/restaurant, just to annoy Shun.
Pets: Two little white rats with grey spots.

Extra: She's like a rose with thorns; beautiful and looking innocent, but she can be a real bitch at times.

Heard of

Shun, Purokisha, Nitika, Aderyn, Siyounen, Hikaru, Daigo

Good terms
Bad terms


Fuyu, Raion, Hokori


Single (broke up with Shun in late autumn, year 0)


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PostSubject: Re: Haya Rosa Bell   Haya Rosa Bell EmptyThu Jan 14, 2016 4:13 pm

Accepted! RP opens up soon.
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Haya Rosa Bell
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