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A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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PostSubject: Daigo Tategami   Daigo Tategami EmptyThu Jan 14, 2016 4:11 pm

Daigo Tategami


Dai, Daddy (by some girls)
August 20, late summer
17 years, 3 months
Heterosexual, but doesn't mind 'messing around' with boys, too.

Both parents died and he's quite a troublesome child.

He has been here since he was 13 years old.


Daigo has short dyed green hair. His hair is a true mess, covering up most parts of his eyes; he often has to wipe it out of his face, but it falls back again soon enough. His eyes are blue which can appear grey when he's angry or sad, or at least frustrated or annoyed. His whole body is covered in scars due to his fights with other people or his confrontations with gangs on the street, but also scars on both his arms which he made himself. The only scar visible in his face is a scar going from under his right eye, up to above his left eye. He often wears camo colored clothes, ripped sleeves and thorn and worn out jeans and huge brown leather boots. Sometimes he wears shirts with long sleeves, but it are often short sleeved shirts to show off the cuts on his arms, like he's begging for attention. The scar on his face and his overall appearance give him a rather insane look, like he's mentally ill or extremely bloodthirsty and dangerous.


Misbehaving, sexist and overly dramatic; Daigo is one of a kind, mean and arrogant and flirtatious with the ladies. He often skips class and never does any homework. He even smokes and drinks and uses drugs; he has often woken up under a bridge or in a ditch, not remembering his last night. A virgin? Hell no; Daigo has had many girls, or better said: he has used many girls, played with them. He's a real sexist jerk, often winking at girls, whistling at them and pinching or slapping their hind. He's always up for a night at a beautiful woman's place, or a man's, because Daigo isn't very picky. He's heterosexual but when he doesn't get a chance with a girl, he will mess around with a boy instead, no shame at all. He doesn't know his own limits, drinking till he pukes, till he just can't go on anymore, stealing stuff from stores and bullying people, causing fights or fighting others himself. He's depressed and frustrated and acts out of pain and suffering, still he claims he has had many adventures and lives a great life. He often has this insane look in his eyes, a mischievous grin on his face, a devilish personality. Daigo's one you don't want to mess with, ever, because he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty; when he says he will kill you, he won't think twice; he will. The worst kind of person you can hang out with, that's for sure.


Daigo was born on the 5th of April, as the second son of Lika and Eiji. Lika was a refugee born in Portugal, who fled from her home after her father abused and raped her. She fled to Japan after dealing drugs for several years, and met Eiji, a Japanese man. They fell in love and soon enough after marrying their first son was born, Anon.
Two years later Daigo was born, and when Daigo turned four years old his younger brother Koji was born, as well. They lived a cheap but great life, due to always helping each other out, but from rotting parents came rotting children, they might say.
Eiji was without a job and often begged for money from his father, who refused to pay. He even tried stealing money from his younger sister, Kaya, Shun's mother, Daigo's younger cousin; Lika returned to dealing drugs and even taking them, herself.
When Daigo turned six years old Lika got pregnant again, but due to her drugs use and abuse she died of complications during birth and had a miscarriage; her first and only daughter didn't make it and was thrown away somewhere in the woods for the wild animals to feed on, because the father just didn't care.
When Daigo was thirteen years old his father fell off a horse and got kicked in the head, skull crushed, and he died just like Lika. Anon, at the age of fifteen, was the oldest of the three brothers and was left behind to take care of his two younger siblings. He cared greatly for Koji but didn't really pay any attention to Daigo, who soon grew frustrated. A week later after their father's death Anon had run away from home, taking Koji with him but leaving Daigo to fend for himself.
Daigo lived on the street for one year, until some people found him and took him to a police station, where they sought for any family members. They didn't find any who were willing to care for him and so he was sent to his first group home.
Daigo didn't follow any rules and grew more and more frustrated by the day. He turned sexist and started cursing, flipping off the parents and often getting into fights with the father of the house and the other children. Eventually the group home parents gave up; they sent Daigo to a military camp for 'youth with malfunctioning behavior', young people between the age of ten and eighteen who never behaved. Daigo stayed there for two years but after that he was sent home again because apparently he had made their camp general cry.
However, it seemed like his behavior had changed for the better, but that turned into silently blaming himself; he started cutting himself and even started showing his scars to the world. But he didn't really show any bad behavior anymore. All he did was roam the streets and come home late, but at least he listened, inside the house... because outside he still tended to steal from shops or use drugs, just like his mother had done.
The parents tried to help him, but the silent blaming turned into frustration again after a while, and the drugs made him delusional, attacking the home's father. He was taken away and sent to a new group home, the one where Shun was. These parents were a lot stricter, and less caring. They would take care of Daigo's bad behavior.


Parents: Lika (mother, deceased), Eiji (father, deceased)
Siblings: Anon (older brother, unknown), Koji (younger brother, unknown)

Other info

Likes: Smoking, drinking, drugs, roaming town, stealing, teasing and bullying, animals like snakes, pittbulls and rottweilers, gaming, hunting, fishing, skateboarding, snowboarding, driving, horror movies, weapons, being alone.
Dislikes: School, teachers, homework, rules, following orders, people, romantic movies, having to pay for stuff, police, being in a crowd.
Habits: Licking his lips when seeing girls, winking or whistling at girls, slapping a girl's booty, flipping off people, cursing, spitting on the ground (even inside).

Belongings: A mobile phone, an MP3 player, text books and copy books for school plus pens and pencils and stuff, a pocket knife which he always carries around, a driver's license but no car, a bike that looks like it needs to be replaced soon.
Job: No job
Pets: A king cobra called Inferno

Extra: He smokes and drinks a lot, and even uses drugs like heroin and cocaine. He also cuts himself with his pocket knife and shows his scars to the world, like he begs for attention. He was once sent to a military camp for youth with malfunctioning behavior, but ended up making their camp's general cry and was sent back home, ending up in yet another group home.

Heard of

Shun, Purokisha, Nitika, Aderyn, Siyounen, Haya, Hikaru

Good terms
Bad terms


Fuyu, Raion, Hokori




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PostSubject: Re: Daigo Tategami   Daigo Tategami EmptyThu Jan 14, 2016 4:13 pm

Accepted! RP opens up soon.
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