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A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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PostSubject: Aderyn Niall   Aderyn Niall EmptyThu Jan 14, 2016 7:43 pm

Aderyn Niall


Addy, Nya, Rynnie, Ryn
April 25, mid spring
10 years, 8 months

Her mother abandoned her after her father's death, after she found a new lover.

She arrived when she was 10 years and 7 months old.


Even though Aderyn is only ten years old, she's quite big for her age and has a rather mature face. Still, her brown eyes can sparkle with excitement and have a childish look in them when feeling overjoyed. Her eyes are a bright brown color which seem to light up at times. Her hair is long and a chocolate brown, but can appear lighter colored when standing in the sunlight. She likes wearing jeans and jackets, but is also often seen in skirts, dresses and female looking shirts. Mostly Aderyn keeps her hair loose, but sometimes she wears some hair ties or hair decoration.


Sweet and shy, but outgoing nonetheless. Aderyn is a true sweetheart and loves to help others. She is good at comforting other wolves and even feels bad about hunting other animals, telling the wolves around her they have feelings, too. That's why she always apologizes to the corpse after killing prey, before eating it. She sees a good side in everyone, even in the most baddest of wolves, and would give everyone a second chance, maybe even more than only one extra chance. She loves sharing the things she owns with others, because she thinks everyone deserves the same amount of something. That's why she doesn't mind giving her food to another wolf who needs it more. However, this makes her very innocent and naive, and a good target for wolves that want to use others for their benefits. Aderyn can sometimes not agree with someone, but she would never fight or do anything about it, making her weak and vulnerable, and easy to misuse. Poor Aderyn can easily be manipulated, as she's still too young to understand most things in the world. She will need someone goodhearted, loyal and strong as her companion to make her feel safe.


Aderyn was born as the only child. She lived a quite happy and normal life until the age of eight. Going to school she always did her best, because she wanted to make her parents proud. She was a mama's child and always tried to spend as much time with her mother as she possibly could. Until she turned eight. That was when her father died in a car crash. She and her father had never really been close, so Aderyn didn't mind, but her mother was devastated.
The two lived together with the two of them for a while until Aderyn's mother met a new man and they ended up being together. For two years Aderyn was shunned by the man she had to call her stepfather, and ever so slowly even her mother turned away from her.
They lived with the three of them in a small house, with barely enough room for them. And during this time her mother became pregnant again, with this new man's child. It turned out to be twins, and Aderyn's mother spoke about moving because there wasn't enough room. But since they had no money Aderyn's stepfather came with the idea of getting Aderyn out of the house, with other family of hers. Aderyn begged her mother to let her stay, but her mother was lost, she couldn't choose anymore. But since she missed her late husband so dearly and had grown apart from Aderyn over the last two years, she chose her new husband's side. Aderyn had to stay with her aunt, but her aunt didn't want her; she sent poor little Aderyn to a group home at the age of ten.


Parents: Llywelyn (father, deceased), Elain (mother), Alun (stepfather)
Siblings: None
Aunt: Mesha

Other info

Likes: Drawing, reading, listening to music, being with people, caring for others, helping others with their problems and their homework, animals, younger children.
Dislikes: Violence, beating, abuse, drugs, alcohol, smoking, murder, seeing others in pain or danger, bullies, animal abuse, death, being locked up or on her own. She also has a fear of boys older than her, especially grown man, because she was terrified of her stepfather.
Hobbies:Drawing, reading and watching TV.
Habits: Aderyn has a habit of cowering too much, but also a habit of laughing and smiling too much, depending on which wolves she spends time with at the moment. She also has a habit of saying ''awww'' and ''right''.

Belongings: Stuff for school, a mp3-player, a sketch book with pencils.
Job: None, but she does like to help out at the animal shelter now and then.
Pets: None

Extra: She wears this little silver star necklace her mother gave her when she was still very little.

Heard of

Shun, Purokisha, Nitika, Aderyn, Siyounen, Hikaru, Daigo, Haya

Good terms
Bad terms


Fuyu, Raion, Hokori




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Accepted, woooo! c:
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Aderyn Niall
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