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A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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Character sheet
Name: Roki Hisaki
Age: 13
Gender: Male

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Name: Roki Leaf Hisaki

Nickname: Kiki

Birthday: December 30, early winter

Age: 13 years

Gender: Male

How did he end up in a group home?: Came only as a dying wish from a friend and to avoid being caught by his family.

SO: Roki is still a bit young to full understand what exactly sexual orientation is but he has a good idea. He likes boys and only boys making him Homosexual. When it comes to girls they creep him out quite a bit and confuse him since they are always traveling in packs.

At what age did they enter the group home?: He has yet to arrive.


Appearance: Roki has deep and pure ocean blue eyes, usually faintly changing depending on his mood and the lighting of the room. Soemtimes he places gold colored contacts over them for a change of scenary or so he insists. In build and phycical disription he is a bit on the smaller hieght for his age, thought his build is medium and he holds quite a bit of strength behind it all. His hair is a light brown with a faint silver look to its tips for some reason even though he is still young.
His clothing usually consistes of black and chains thought he has a spasific set that is his favorite among all of his things. A faded blue sleeveless shirt, one that is pretty loose and drops just below hsi stomach line before stopping. Over this he wears a black as night jacket, chains hanging loosely from the two pockets and matching his collar around his neck.
His blue jeans are a bit baggy and usually drag the ground int he back, the backs having worn away quite sometime ago. These do have belt loops but he has never used them so they are the only part that appear brand new. From the pockets and sides that were build into the pair when it was made are a few chains, ones that match the others he uses. Underneth all of this he wears skull covered boxers, either blue and black or red and black ones, both of which seem to have a bit of gore in the pictures.
Finally on his feet he wears a loose pair of tenashoes, pure black with a few dark navy blue lines running along the sides and bottom. In the very middle are tiny gold coated dragons, ones that match his tongue ring in his mouth. When not in shoes he wears black shoes that match hsi boxes, hating to be barefoot since it gives him the feeling of being naked.

Personality: Annoying and Miscevious: Roki has a habit of rushing around nad begging or crying to others, tugging on their clothes or arms when he wants attention and love. When he see's someone he likes or is friends with doing something with someone other then him he will grow a bit jelous and rush over to inculde himself in what they are doing or speaking of. Sometimes he will go as far as to pull the person completely away from the other so that he can have them all to himself.  He also loves to play tricks a lot and is quite miscevious, though its soully for fun when he is bored and seldom if ever means harm to another.
Sweethearted and Scared easily: When actually gotten to know and his front has been cut through he is a pretty sweet and loving boy. He always rushes in to help others that are in need, especally those younger then himself. He hates bullies and even though they sccare him he will put himself inbetween another everytime, even if he is then hurt in the process. Because of his past he is easily scared or hurt with words, hating when touched on the arms or face when he doesn't really know the person. He is also sometimes haunted by memories from his family though they have mostly faded with time, plus his mind blocked out most since he is still so young and cannot fully understand what was doen to him.

Past: Roki was born two months early into a family who had never really worked. The boys in the family made the money they used by selling drugs. They grew all kinds and tried them before selling. Since he was 13 months old and could walk steadily his father took him to the plant house and let him help out with the work. By the time he was 3 years old he could count money and bags almost as fast as his older brother. Whenever he got something right he was praised for his hard work. When he got something wrong however he was punished and made to do twice as much. He was always a little small for his age and took a lot longer to grow due to the stuff he was around.
After turning 6 years old he was placed into a public school. Since he was so smart for his age and even knew about fractions, thought he couldn't do them, he was picked on by the teachers and the students. Since he hated school most of the time he skipped it and ran off with his cousins and older brother. His father told him how proud he was for his hard work and his ability to know school was for sissies. However he loved to read. Anything he could get a hold of. He read books at the age of 8 that people would only expect to see a adult read. Because of this he was very mature for his age most of the time. He never really had a chance to be a child and was forced to skip that stage in his life. After turning 9 his father found his in his room with stuffed animals and cats ears and tails. He was asked why he possessed such things and Roki panicked and claimed he was holding all the stuff for a friend. His father caught onto his love however and pulled him down the stairs with his things. He forced Roki to burn everything and made him watch. Roki being innocent and sweethearted cried feeling as if he could hear his plushies cry out for help.
After turning 10 he was forced into his brothers high school since every middle school he went to told his father and mother that they had nothing to teach him.
He was given a pair of cat ears and a matching tail by a boy who Roki cared deeply for. His brother saw this and forced him into the boys bathroom tackling him to the ground and ripping his clothes from his body. They placed the ears and tail on him and dragged him into the hall quickly finding the other boy. His brother told him that Roki was different and that he loved him and the boy smiled telling Roki he felt the same way.
Soon after a teacher caught Roki and called his father who picked him up from school with a cover. On the way home Roki's brother filled his dad in about everything. His father questioned Roki who tried to deny the feelings for the boy but finally told him yes. His father flew into a rage and beat him to a living pulp in their backyard. He finally stopped when Roki cried out on final time and fell unconscious.
His mom rushed him to the hospital staying there with him for several days due to the police stepping in. After he was released however the beatings continued. His mother ignored them feeling like her son should just become normal again. A few weeks later Roki was asked again by his father why he was a shame to the family name and business. His father had had a lot to drink and smoke so Roki tried everything he could think of the get his father to leave him alone. But his father soon told him he would make Roki pay for his feelings. That was the first time Roki was ever raped by his father.
It continued for almost a year until Roki turned 11 and turned on his father one night having grabbed his sword. He left his father a bloody but still breathing mess as he ran from his home. His brother stopped him and Roki panicked and pushed him out the window. He jumped down after him and held his sword at the ready until his brother pulled out a gun. Before his brother could shoot him however a truck slammed into him. He cried as he ran from the scene to their car and jumped into it before starting it up.
Now he couldn't drive very well but he managed to go almost two hours before finally hitting to many things and destroying the car. He forced the door open and rushed up to the first house he saw. His soon to be friend/mother opened up and grabbed him as he collapsed into her arms. He was bleeding from all over his body and only had a cloak covering him. He held two stuffed animals in his arms and a small sketch book in a bag over his shoulder.
She took him under her wing and brought him up for about a year buying him several stuffed animals and a pair of cat ears and tail. He blushed deeply when he found she had bought them and at first won't accept them. She finally convicted him to take them on his 12th birthday and bought him several different kinds. He was always quiet around her and wouldn't let her see them once he was given them. He carried his plushies and ears with him everywhere in his side bag covering them with a sketch book and art set. He left one day from school after several boys picked on him and he bit one. He reached the home just in time to see it ablaze. He forced his way past the cops and onto the burning building. He found his friend half dead holding the newest plushies for him. He pulled her out but she still died at the scene. He later was told it had been a home invasion and she had fought back before having her legs broken and the house set on fire. He held up the paper she had give him that morning after telling him about a group home for kids his age. She had told him about it often and he finally decided to go and hopes that at least one person in the home would be happy to see him. He walked off towards the home that wasn't to far from his friend's home. It took him two days to get there and he was very hungry and scared when he finally reached the home.

Likes: Anime, Anything sweet, Animals, Reading, Sketching, Swimming, Playing trick, Theme Parks, Music of any kind, Hot Baths, Walking in the rain, Stuffed animals, Dressing as a cat, and Snuggling/Cudding under fluffy covers.

Dislikes: His family, Loud noises, Cold weather, Bullies, Being hit, and getting in trouble.

Habits: Likes cooking even though he is bad at it. Usually has a bag over his shoulder for books he reads and a sketch pad for drawing pictures. Loves music and has ear buds in 90% of his day. Standing out in the rain when it is only sprinkling. Wearing animal ears and tail as well as collecting them and stores them in his bag that he carries with him.

Fears: WIP


Parents: Rida (Father), Saiai (Mother).

Siblings: Toru (Brother).

Cousins: None that he knows of.

Crush: None yet.

Relationship: None yet.

Friends: None yet.

Enemies: None yet.


Belongings: Cellphone, Bag that he carrys stuffed animals and neko ears and tail in, Mp3 player, sketch books, manga, and a handheld game system.

Scent: Warm Vanilla Sugar.

Reference: Roki Leaf Hisaki Roki10

Theme song:

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Accepted, meeeep
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