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A group home for abandoned children beween 5 to 18 years of age, located in Japan.
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Character sheet
Name: Hikaru Konoko
Age: 16
Gender: Male

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Name: Hikaru Cobalt Konoko

Nickname: Cobalt, Ruru.

Age: 16 years, 4 months

Birthday: August 3, late summer

Gender: Male

How did he end up in a group home?: Was sent to home when grandfather finally ended up in jail.

SO: Hikaru is consitered Homosexual really however he has only had a crush on one boy. He doesn't really look at girls and actully is quite terrified of them, finding them quite evil-minded and coniving.

When did they enter the group home?: He just arrived.


Appearance: Hikaru has light hasel and/or brown colored eyes, usually a medium color unless he has a idea or is up to something mischevious. His build is pretty thin and sleek, holding a lot of strong and muscle behind it all even though he really doesn't look it at all. His hair is a soft auburn with a few redish blonde highlights along the tips, ones that are especally lit and beautiful in the sunlight. The boy's skin is a pretty dark tan coat, mostly from being out in the sun or on state in the light all the time. Because of this he has a beautiful sun kissed body glow about him even in the most dimlighted rooms.
As for his clothing and starting from the boys shirt and working downword is as follows. His shirt is usually a sleeveless button up white shirt, one that is loose fitting and falls just below his pants line. It has two large pockets that each have one button to close them and a fold down coller that button's down on the top sides near the shoulders.
On his legs are soft and loose fitting pullon sports pants, ones that tie at the top inside the belt line with two strings. These are a faded dark sky blue and have two hip pockets along with two back ones and large side pockets that are locacted right next to the boys knees. Undernethe these are a pair of white nilon boxers, no real designs or special addons besides the fact that they were made with no seams. Finally we move down to his shoes, white and tan colored sandals that show off most of his foot, inculding his heel and toes really only passing over his upper foot about half way to his ankle.

Personality: There is really two sides of Hikaru. One he lets people he doesn’t know very well see, and one who is really himself just buried inside his heart so that people will not knew the real him unless he opens up to them.
Outside and What most people see:
Hikaru often at work and school will act totally different then he does alone or among people he knows. He puts up a very good fake front for others and appears as a happy normal playful boy. He is quick to help and very mature always doing what is asked of him without question. He sometimes can get very playful with others when he is around people his own age. He does have these little digs that he will do to people he likes or even has a crush on.
Some might considerate him to have a dirty mind too. Whenever he is around boys and the word love comes up he is quick to react saying that he is normal and very into girls. This is usually followed by a remark about a girls body stating how much he loves it or how hot it looks. Even though he has never had an official girl-friend he has been seen flirting and holding hands with girls as to appear normal.
Inside and The real him:
Hikaru is nothing like the front he puts up. He his very childish and positive of items or people in his life. He will get jealous or upset over some of the smallest things and this usually results in his running away to hide when he is confronted. He trys to act very tough and in control of things even though he really depends on others a lot. Since he had everything handed to him as a child he doesn't know how to cope with the world since he was forcefully shoved out into it by his family. If something or someone is his friend or lover at the time he will get very upset if anything is said to upset or taken them from him if he was with them first. He starts screaming and throwing things almost having a mini fit until he is calmed down or confronted. Once confronted he will always get very quiet and tear up before yelling that no one could ever understand what he has been though. When he runs off he usually locks himself away somewhere or if he is in pubic will purposely get himself lost so that he can't go back without help. However when offered help he will reject it and just quietly follow along behind the person talking them to lead.

Past: Sakura was the daughter of two wealthy parents who shared a home with her grandfather in his small mansion. She was placed into music courses and school at the age of 8 once they found out of her angelic voice and amazing talent with almost any instrument. After a year she was asked by her grandfather to preform with him on stage at one of his concerts and her parents forced her to go even though she didn't want to. Once people saw her preform she was dragged by her parents and grandfather to go from concert to concert so that people could see her talent.
Her grandfather always told her how proud he was that she was just like him. That she had music running through her veins and that the other kids in their family didn't so she was spacial. She longed to go play just like the others but was never aloud to do anything but practice music. Her parents hardly ever saw her and were always on trips enjoying the money she pulled in from shows that she never really saw.
One night at the age of 12 she was told her parents died in a plane wreck which left her grandfather in custody of her. She found out really soon about his drinking and drug problems that he had hidden very well from her and her parents. He said he need it to deal with stress and that he had to have it. Often times Sakura never left the house once she was pulled in by her grandfather except to preform. She hated every minute of it sometimes getting into fight about how she wished she was a normal girl. These fight always ended with him hitting and beating her until she begged him to stop. He would then leave her in the floor crying and scream about how much the family name need her. How the world need their talent and how she was never aloud to have a life besides this one. On the night of her 13th birthday her grandfather forced himself onto her saying that she needed to bare his child so that their talent would be carried on after they passed away. She ended up pregnant with several of his child miss carrying them each time from his beating and her young age.
Finally she gave birth to a very tiny and fragile baby at the age of 14 but this cost her her life. Her small body gave out after bringing him into the world from all the beatings and cuts and drugs to get her pregnant and stay pregnant.
The grandfather took cosutay of the small child naming him 'Hikaru'. The baby was consistently sick though and his grandfather was disgusted by his weak body. He would leave poor Hikaru in a dark bedroom screaming for hours in need of attention while he went to shows and bars.
Finally at the age of 2 Hikaru was forced to sit thru music lessons as he was watched to see if he had the same talents that his mother and father had before him. He never really showed any and took a very long time to learn anything so his grandfather would starve and beat him before locking him into his room.
At the age of 5 his grandfather placed him in a kintergarden as a reward and told him to make one friend and thats it. He didn't want people, friends, or kids to get in thte  way of his learning since he wanted him to take after him.
On the first day of school Hikaru entered the school with a happy heart finally glad to have a break from his grandfather, house, and privite teachers. He found that the kids seemed to have their own groups which confused him at his age and didn't make any sense to him.
When he tried to make friends most of the kids stared at him like he was stupid and walked off leaving him alone. Since he often got pushed aside by his grandfather and his guests it didn't really bother him much and he kept going to group after group, and child after child.
By the afternoon he hadn't found anyone that wanted to be his friend and he looked around starting to tear up as it finally hit him that no one wanted to talk to him. The rest of the kids seemed to know each other outside of school and he had always been stuck in his home never leaving until today.
He found a boy sitting all by himself at the swings who seemed to be crying and he rushed over as worry grew in his heart. He always ignored his own pain and worried about others.
Once he reached the boy he asked if he wanted to be pushed and giggled happily when he reaseved a yes. He quickly became friends with the boy happy to have someone who wanted to talk to him.
As their friendship grew Hikaru always played with the boy during and after school. This slowly started to eat at his grandfathers nerves because his music lessons at night started to go bad since he was always talking about Shun.
Finally after elematry school he jerked Hikaru out of school before middle school could start. His grandfather moved to a different house and never let him out again. He went back to his privte teachers and his grandfather abuse and bulling.
Hikaru grew very depressed from losing his only friend that his grandfather had said he could have. He would complete his lessons and preform like he was told to but never really spoke. He felt betraded and lost all will to speak to anyone. This didn't seem to affect anyone anyway since they never really listened to him anyway.
Hikaru started to hate his grandfather and fight back at the age of 10. This just caused the beating and cuts and abuse to get worse. Almost every night Hikaru was shoved into his dark room alone in a bleeding pile begging for food and a why out.
When he was 11 his grandfather finally found what he had been searching for in his useless weak grandchild. He had musical talent. Not with instruments but with his voice. His voice was very deep and mature for a boy his age and he was forced just like his mother to preform on stage and see how the audience liked him. They loved him. They loved his voice and calm quiet nature as well as his sweet carefree shield he started to put up.
Even though he was finally what his grandfather wanted the beating and staring continued. He was consistently told to get better become stronger and preform more then he did. He sometime was forced to preform one show after the next back to back as his grandfather told him that the world had to know who was the best.
Hikaru was placed into a very elite private music school for adult at the age of 14. He hardly ever had time to eat or sleep anymore as he was either at school or working. Being a very sickly child he fell ill very quickly and it lasted for months. His grandfather never took him to the hospital and constantly was in his face yelling at him to get better. He broke Hikaru's arm and ribs several time before dragging a doctor in to fix him claiming he fell down the stair or off a ladder. Soon the doctors began to have their doubts but Hikaru stuck to the story not wanting to know what would happen if he spoke out.
After almost a year he was finally well enough to preform again and everything went right back to the way it was before he had fallen ill.
One day at school when some of the boys were joking around with him he found out thru several talks and question that he was gay. That he never really looked at girls the same way that the other boys did. He hid it very well at first for more then two years until he finally felt like he needed to tell someone. He was tired of faking it all and wanted to let himself out. He walked up to the one boy he had always liked and poured his heart out to him. This ended with rejection and the boy soon made sure the entire school knew within 24 hours.
Once Hikaru's grandfather found out he was appalled. He dragged him by his hair into their house and tried to force himself on Hikaru saying that he was going to show him the error of his ways. Hikaru fought back biting his grandfather before running from the house in his boxers. He rushed down the streets of his city screaming for someone to help him. After taking everything for 16 years he could no longer take it. He finally came across a group of 3 male police officers and rushed over to them. He stood panting and shaking from the cold of the night. They listen with gentle smiles and words before helping him into their car. He fell asleep during the ride exhausted from lack of food and sleep.
Once he woke up he found that they were in the woods and looked around in confusion. Hikaru asked were they were going realizing that they didn't know where he lived. He hadn't told them and forgot. They just smiled and told him all would be well before pulling the car to a stop. Hikaru was forced from the car against his will.
That was one night that Hikaru will never forget. The thing he was forced to enure because of who he was like and who he was related to. He begged them several times to shoot him. To end his life. He never asked to be in the world and really didn't like it at all. He was left for dead on the ground in the forest. He was found by a man about two hours later in a bleeding and broken pile.
Hikaru was admitted into the hospital and stayed there for a few weeks while he healed. After a while he was told that his grandfather was arrested for a whole lot of different crimes over the years but the main one was him. He just chuckled and shrugged it off before packing his things and leaving the hospital with several people from social services. The told him they were going to bring him the a group home.
Hikaru was brought home and told to grab up his things. He grabbed very few and made sure to get his money card that his grandfather always kept hidden from him. Payback now. He was going to blow the last bit of money he had left on others at the home as well as a few items for himself. He was taken to an office and papers were filled out before he was loaded up again. He spoke very little on the ride over mad that he had been told he couldn't be on his own but he guessed it was for the best. He really hadn't been out in the world by himself and didn't know what to expect.
Hikaru had to force himself not to cry as he replayed the only things he knew in life. Abandonment. Pain. Fear. Hurt. He stared out the window and wondered if he the new job he had would help with getting a girl. Before falling asleep he smiled to himself. No. He didn't want a girl. Not really. He was going to find another boy. One that was just like him. One that wanted to be with him and never hurt him like everyone else in his life. He wasn't going to be able to find one easily since he didn't know how to go about quietly telling someone that he was gay. That he liked other boys and only other boys. Just before he drifted off he smiled and decided he would take it one day at a time. If he couldn't speak his mind then he would show the next person he fell for that he loved him. Even if it was just with tiny little digs and acts at first.

Likes: Reading manga, writing short stories and songs, listening to his Ipod, watching anime, standing out in the warm sun, swimming, playing his guitar, being on his laptop, and being alone in his room.

Dislikes: Seeing others hurt, yelling, bullies, drugs and/or achaol, people ignoring him, his grandfather, and dirt and mud.

Habits: Downloading Anime on his computer and phone to watch, practicing drawing manga even though he is not that good, walking around outside listening to his music, day dreaming of the beach, Listening to his Ipod, Spacing out and day dreaming, and Making rude or sarcastic commets to others without realizing it.

Fears: Gynophobia: The boy is actually so scared and has been hurt so bad when he has come into contact with females that he is actually quite terrorfied of them. This can cause him to grow very quiet and freeze in fear when he comes into contact with them, especally a group.
Astraphobia: Has a abnormal fear of thunder and lightning. Sometimes grows scared of sounds that are a bit alike them as well. Unlike most though when he hears or sees it he will scream and rush around in a blind panic, usually heading to a closet or closed off area to avoid the sight and sounds.


Parents: Grandfather (In jail).

Siblings: None.

Cousins: None that he knows of.

Crush: None yet.

Relationship: None yet.

Friends: None yet.

Enemies: None yet.


Belongings: Ipod, Huge speaker-like headphones, Sketch book, Wallet with wolves on it, Laptop, Drawing tablet, and Iphone.

Scent: Sand and Salty Ocean Winds.

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Accepted! <333
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